What is the best centrifuge for oils (WMO, WVO, etc.) and biodiesel?

US Filtermaxx offers the best centrifuge available for under $6,000, and they start at only $1,495.

What is so good about the US Filtermaxx centrifuge?

Important centrifuge features include precision balancing, large bowl sediment capacity, and high g-force. US Filtermaxx centrifuges are precision balanced and tested by hand. That's right, the centrifuge is pre-assembled and tested to ensure smooth and quiet operation. The bowl has a sediment capacity of 165 cubic inches, and the new 6000+G model can generate over 6000 g-force. The patent pending forced ventilation expels water vapor and steam rather than letting it go back into the oil like others. US Filtermaxx goes above and beyond with their digital programmable centrifuge controllers, which automate the operation with purge cycles, temperature control, and total run time settings.

Where can I find US Filtermaxx centrifuges on sale?

US Filtermaxx has an all new site at usfiltermaxx.com.

Here is what customers are saying about US Filtermaxx centrifuges.


I run WVO through 2 of your centrifuges at 50 gallons per hour and sell that as base for a degreaser. The third centrifuge runs WVO at 25 gallons per hour and I sell it for biodiesel. The oil temperature leaving the centrifuges is 150 degrees and they all work great!


bought the centrifuge and have since gotten my set-up together. have run at least 3500 miles on a mix of 75% oil and 25% diesel in my 1997 ford powerstroke. absolutely no issues and i run more quietly and more smoothly on the oil. i thought that i was taking a risk at first but this has turned out better than i could have hoped. every time i fill i up i am pleased because i feel like i am more self sufficient than before. thanks for a great centrifuge that works. fyi, we are running a 2001 and 2006 powerstroke on 50% oil and 50% diesel with absolutely no complaints. if you have access to wmo and you don't do this you're an idiot.


excellent machine! the best to clean vegetable oil, I'm very satisfied, thank you!

Christian F.

Great product...I was amazed at the effectiveness of the centrifuge. Even after settling for 2 weeks and filtering to 1 micron it still pulled out quite a bit.

Hi Steve....

centrifuge arrived as scheduled, seems in good shape. I am amazed at the smoothness (lack of vibration) of the unit both dry and while processing oil.


I ran it once or twice and it was fantastic... you obviously went to considerable trouble to balance it well as there was absolutely no vibration... I set a couple paper clips and a small spirit level on top and it went thru the entire cycle without them moving.

Hi Steve,

The centrifuge seems to work great, pulling crud from WVO that has already been filtered to 5 micron, nice!

Chris K.

Outstanding centrifuge product. Very nice design. Beats my WVO designs model. Thank you.

Brian H.
Hi Steve,

The unit works very well in our application. We are getting more contaminants out than our cartridge filters ever thought about taking out. In cycling mode it works like a charm taking out more crap that I realized was there. We have ordered another unit for our other press.

Thanks for a quality product at a reasonable price.

MI Extruded Aluminum

The oil is coming right from the settling tank under my press so the oil is hot, which makes your centrifuge work very nice. I'm getting very clean oil in one pass no problem.

Steve S.

Just a quick note to say that the centrifuge works great. My water emersion test came in with 2 layers which is a first. The amount of water that has come out of the oil is incredible.

Richard P.

I ran 120 gallons of biodiesel through so far today to see how it is performing. It is doing just fine.

Gerald N.

I have been running pretty clean wvo. It is working great. REAL fine powder looking junk when dries, like women's make-up.

Del M.

I was impressed with what it got out of the oil I did.

Thanks for your help. I would definitely recommend you to others.

Capt Joe