Centrifuge Comparisons

Below are the results of filtering approximately 100 gallons of oil through a US FilterMaxx® centrifuge and 100 gallons through a Spinner. The absolute raw power of the US FilterMaxx Centrifuge is clear. Designed for WVO, WMO, Diesel Fuels and Hydraulic oils the US FilterMaxx® provides superior cleaning even when compared to centrifuges costing over 3 times as much!

Compare the difference in bowl size between the US FilterMaxx and a typical spinner:

centrifuge bowl size comparison between US Filtermaxx and the Spinner.

The following video shows the hard particulates removed from 100 gallons of oil by the US FilterMaxx® centrifuge. Note that the centrifuge also removed 5 gallons of liquid sludge.

The hardness of the cake indicates the centrifuge's separating power. The cake removed from a US FilterMaxx® is stiff enough to hold up a screwdriver. No soupy cakes here!

screwdriver standing in centrifuged oil particulates

Below are stills showing the hard particles removed from 100 gallons of oil by a Spinner.
bowl with filtered contaminants wiping bowl with rag removed contaminants on rag the cleaned bowl

There is NO comparison! US FilterMaxx® has highest capacity most powerful cleaning of any small centrifuge.